Did you know that the first man who came up with the idea of furnishing attic was a French architect Francois Mansart. Originally there were rooms for servants, poor students, poets and artists or workshops. However in the 40s of the last century a real revolution in the development of attic design happened, when Paris faces such problem as the lack of accommodation. Since then attic is considered a room and has lightning, heating and ventilation system.

No matter how many stories the cottage has, there always is an attic. And you just need to make it the most creative and cozy place in the house. The place for rest and relaxation, a billiard room, guest room, studio, library, glamorous boudoir, gym, study, kid's room with lots of space for active games this is an incomplete list of effective ways of using this inviting and mysterious space. Due to its specificity attic needs proper chosen color more than other rooms in the house. It should be painted in light shades, especially if it can't boast its sizes. Delicate, pastel color will visually expand the space, create comfort and makes you feel on cloud nine.

External environment influences the attic really harshly, so it's just necessary to take care for paneling walls and ceiling with heat insulating and waterproofing materials. You shouldn't forget about unusual attic lightning as well. In order to make the attic light and commodious you have to use special windows, which are the face of mansard. There is a huge variety in forms and constructions of modern skylights. The glass in them might have different shades; that allows you to choose the desired color tone of the interior.

Don't be mean when it comes to such details as carpet, curtains and other accessories. Pay special attention to window decoration. Roller blinds, Venetian blinds and Roman blinds are the most functional curtains because of specific angle of skylights. On one hand they protect your attic from excessive light and on the other hand they give a special charm to its interior. As for furniture it's better not to focus on quantity but choose it depending on its functionality and pick only the most necessary items. Nowadays you can easily find an incredible number of furniture for the attic in the shops. However if you can't find the one you are looking for you should opt for ordering furniture that will perfectly fit your attic.

Eventually, in compliance with all the nuances, attic will definitely become your favorite place in the house, where your household can have a rest from irritating routine and constant rush that accompany them in everyday life.