While creating bathroom design you should not only think carefully about the general design and style of the room but pick up bathtubs, showers, sinks, lightning and other accessories to make your bathroom to stand out. However the trickiest task you can face is to make your bathroom the most convenient and functional place. Choosing the proper color for bathroom is a real can of worms, as it's considered that color greatly influences on the person's well – being. So blue is able to calm down while green makes people more balanced and increase their efficiency. Yellow shades can cause the feeling of warmth, create merry and joyful mood. However you should be very careful in using red, as it increases activity but it's rather tiring for people.

Bathroom lightning is an important thing, too. Even if there is a window in the room it does not give enough natural light. So think about suspended ceiling with built – in Halogen spot lights, besides, it won't be superfluous to put two more lights on both sides of the mirror. But the light by the mirror must be white, that's because pure white doesn't distort facial features and never creates deceptive illusions. Moreover lights that possess even minimum mobility will come in handy as they are able to turn in the direction you want to lighten more intensive.

As for decorative material for walls and ceilings ceramic tile is the most common. However nowadays granite is going mainstream. It's quite similar to ceramic tile as it's made out of artificial materials, but its properties are more improved comparing to tile. No wonder it's called “intelligent ceramic”. On one hand granite is shockproof and has the minimum moisture absorption property, on another hand it's frost – resistant and has richer colors than tile. There's only one disadvantage – it's a bit pricey.

Don't despair if you own rather small bathroom. You can visually enlarge the space by using light shades tile for wall decoration as well as tile laid diagonally on the floor. One more effective way to make your bathroom commodious is to use wall - hung furniture. It will create the effect of lightness. Keep in mind that the centre of the bathroom should remain empty as it gives the feeling of space and order so place the furniture on the perimeter of the room. The less space there's in your bathroom, the smaller tile you should use.

You might set the walk – in shower in order to use the space economically. However if you can't survive without bathtub the manufacturers of sanitary ware offer you shower/bathtub combo that will please the crankiest customer. And of course there's a huge variety of bathroom accessories such as hooks, hangers, soap – dishes, different sets for toothbrushes, towel – holders, weightless shelves for beauty supplies and glass stands. Classic, minimalist, rustic and high – tech styles are considered the most appropriate ones for bathroom design. But whatever the style you choose you should never forget that your bathroom is the place for relaxation after the hard working day, so design must help to recover and recharge your vitality.