Dining room

Today we can witness the triumphant comeback of dining room as an essential and separate part of the house. But where it came from and how old it is? Beautiful, rich and magic ancient Rome is the birthplace of the first dining rooms and it dates back to the first century b. c. when rich Romans established great halls for dinner parties. By the way from the Roman history we have a common tradition to decorate dining rooms with vases. Nowadays dining room is not an indicator of a high status but it's still a place where people gather to share delicious food and enjoy the company of each other.

As a rule the centre and the main accent in dining room design is a table and chairs around it. You can choose tables of different forms and sizes, what is more important your table should be made of sturdy material such as wood. However dining table made of metal looks really stylish as well. As for chairs they should have high backs in order to allow you to relax and spend long hours at the table.

Dining room floor might be laminated, tiled or wooden. The choice is depend on considerations of practicality and an overall style of the room. The carpet on the floor can make your dining room look visually smaller but much more comfortable and cozy as it's able to absorb sounds. The size of the carpet must match the size of the table and chairs around it, it's visually beautiful and it will make your floor more durable.

Lightning is one of the most significant points in the dining room design. During the mealtime we don't just literally eat food with our mouths but we “eat” the food with our eyes and noses as well. That's why it's crucially important to see all the treats on the table. You can hang two chandeliers above the opposite ends of the table or install a few light sources on the ceiling over the table or just place several floor lamps alongside the table in order to illuminate the feast. If you are the lover of romance you'd be happy to use candles in elegant candelabrum in order to create the atmosphere of mystery and delight.

Lots of different things come in handy to express your style and charm. Sideboards and shelving look really great in the dining rooms. Moreover you can at last show off your gorgeous dinnerware that will please your eye and stun your guests. Pictures, penal and photos on the wall, big floor vases, plants in pots - all this stuff will add extra color and chic to your dining room. Or perhaps fireplace or mirror will become the highlight of your interior. By the way the latter is a welcoming accessory in every room as it enlarges the space and makes it more interesting and complicated. So make your dining room the place worthy of royal banquettes as well as kids' birthday parties.