Have you ever thought what your life is like without any furniture? Just imagine that you come home after a horrible day at work and you need to sit down and put up your feet for a few minutes, but you don't have anything to sit on; you want to have your dinner, but you don't have anything to sit at. It's just a nightmare. So we can't survive without furniture and our lives directly connected with one or another piece of furniture. We can state that furniture is one of the best creations of humanity.

But what do we know about it? Where does the furniture come from? In 5 B.C. ancient Greeks began making furniture out of wood, before that time it was made from stone. The origin of upholstered furniture is a matter of a discussion, as while some consider that we owe the ancient Muslims for such incredible things as sofas and armchairs, the other reckon it appeared in Europe at the time of classicism reign. Still we know that wheelchair was invented by Charles Darwin. He used such a chair in order to move quickly from the desk to the bookcases in his huge study. Development of different styles made its great contribution to the world of furniture, too. Baroque gave us a settee bed and chaise longue, while Rococo vanity and console mirror. The first furniture was just upholstered with clothes, because it was used only as seats; much later it became common to use different types of stuffing such as swans down, horsehair, fleece and it made furniture a luxury item. Nowadays manufacturers use synthetics such as sintepon and foam rubber for stuffing. However for exclusive furniture traditional materials are used, so the custom hasn't been broken for several centuries. In this case we can say:

It gives you pleasure and comfort on every day a week it sees you angry, tired or weak sometimes you even lie here sick but still your sofa makes effort to give you power and support.

So if upholstered furniture let us enjoy everyday comfort and is really convenient for rest and relaxation, then contract furniture makes our lives more organized. Moreover it's becoming more and more popular, because its main advantage is modules you can easily assemble according to your needs, your own style and features of the room. Contract furniture fits any types of room and gives you more opportunities in terms of furnishing as well as allows you to use space in more rational and effective way. Besides you can change boring interior by reassembling mobile modules. There is a wide choice of materials for making contract furniture; it can be classic wood (oak, pine tree, beech) or its cheaper but still quality substitutes. Of course the look of furniture depends on the material it's made of. That's why you always feel comfort with the wooden furniture, as it has unique natural beauty. Such furniture looks rich. But plastic or metal furniture emits artificial beauty. No wonder that modern industry uses glass for making furniture more and more often, as it is universal finishing and building material. In temporary room design you can find glass tables, shelves and stands. Such furniture doesn't clutter space, transmits light and visually widens the room.

All in all people always try to express themselves, so house is also a tool of self - expression, hence furniture is the most important part of this process. In other words furniture today is a creative solution, which is blended in with an interior.