Kids' room

In every house or flat kid's room is always designed extremely thoroughly. First of all parents pay attention to the safety of every item in the room and of course they would move heaven and earth to create a pretty and comfy place for their children which will provide kids with the sense of calm and security.

In order to do such a mammoth task you shouldn't forget that your child sleeps, plays, does homework, spends time with friends in this particular room. So due to such great functional load this room must remain commodious and light, and shouldn't be overcrowded with furniture. Speaking of furniture, it'd be wise to choose furniture that on one hand is functional and on the other hand has pretty and eye Ė catching design. In this case solid construction made of wood will be the most preferable, especially sets of furniture as they include the most essential items and doesn't occupy too much space.

It's also important to take care of proper lightning: kid's room has to have not only central upper chandelier but wall sconces and reading Ė lamps, night lamps if in need. As for wall and floor decoration you should use natural, eco Ė friendly materials. And you should keep in mind that this room will be often wet cleaned, so wall and floor decoration must be moisture resistant. And just remember that children fancy playing on the floor, so modern warm floor with heating can be an excellent prevention of colds and nice alternative to classic carpet.

Use quality, made of natural fabrics textile, remember that layered curtains and countless cushions and pillows are able to collect dust which your child then breathe in. Among designers today there's a bickering about color schemes for kid's room. Some of them think that design should be really bright, colorful and blithe. Others argue that excessive riot of colors can be irritant that would provoke aggression, waywardness and anxiety in kid's behavior. Perhaps calm interior with just few bright accents will be the best option.

But whatever the color you choose just make sure your child is happy with what he or she sees, you should never forget that you make this room for your offspring and you do your best to accomplish this incredibly hard mission.