Everyone knows what a kitchen is: a room in which meals are cooked or prepared. Do you know what modern kitchen is? It is a splendid combination of functionality, efficiency, ergonomics, neatness and elegance. In other words it's a maximally adapted space not overloaded with furniture that includes modern kitchen household appliances.

Undoubtedly kitchen should be the feast for your eyes and what is more important it has to ensure easy and effortless chopping, boiling, frying, roasting, baking and millions of other tricky actions connected with the process of homemade food cooking. So keep in mind that you'll need enough room not only for the main appliances: fridge, sink and cooker, but a commodious space for kitchenware and ergonomic worktop. Speaking of worktops they suffer the most in the kitchen. They are cut, beat, carve and roll on. So what is the secret of the best worktop? It's the material which it's made out of. The most common and economical one is laminate. However worktops made of stone are the most practical. They don't absorb water, you won't be able to scratch it or leave stains on it. Moreover it's incredibly easy to care for and it's got unlimited life time. No need to tell that today wooden worktop is quite exotic and real luxury, although once it used to be traditional.

Modern household appliances such as dishwashers, microwave ovens and extractors can be built in the kitchen furniture of any styles. But make sure that you can count on the perfect work of all the food processors, coffee machines etc. as a kitchen is a place for actions and experiments.

As we already mentioned modern kitchen is as a rule minimalism, simple lines and functionality, so every item here is aimed to play particular part. You can build in extra sliding worktops. They occupy minimum space and make the cooking as easy as a pie. Sliding drawers and shelves allow you to find the utensil you're looking for in a jiffy. Special separators will help you to organize the storage of provision and utensils in a perfect order. That will save your time and energy. Soft wood tones, orange, yellow, terracotta, beige, creamy, ivory, ecru- these colors are really good for healthy digestion and great appetite.

So kitchen design in modern style keeps up with the rapid pace of life. Lack of extra decorative elements can be explained by the intention not to overload human's brain with additional information. Straight lines simplify our perception and make us move faster.