Living room

As everyone knows living room is the heart of the house and its visiting card, so this room design should be special as it's a meeting place for family and friends, as well as a spot for rest after a hard working day.

If you choose the color for the living room decor you should keep in mind that soft light tender shades visually enlarge the space of the room. Such colors don't make your eyes tired and let you pick other interior details without any problems. On the light neutral background bright elements look impressive but still there shouldn’t be too many. It's much better to choose one item of the interior which due to its originality and expressivity will draw everyone's attention. It might be something valuable and beautiful, for example design coffee table, antique vase, elaborate big mirror, Vintage carpet or a bright picture.

With the help of wall décor you can radically change the face of the living room. Decorative panel, pictures, vinyl stickers are the tools to transform the room. Niches are in trend today you can place different statuettes made of porcelain, wood or metal; vases which highlight the room's style or miniatures on them. Luxury chandeliers are the trend of 2015, they will suit the interior of any style, as they are really splendent. By the way the rule of selection of lightning which states that all sources of light should match the chandelier has already changed. Nowadays they might be completely independent parts of the interior, as long as they are original, or they can be in tune with furniture, curtains and other details.

Soft, fluffy carpet will serve the best in the intention to make the living room cozy. Any room with such a carpet on the floor is immediately turned into a comfortable and delightful place. Pay attention to a tendency to cover just the centre of the room with round or oval carpet. Do not want to use a carpet? What about a fireplace? It's a real symbol of coziness and warmth as well as the most effective way to make the living room snug.

As we feel the most of comfort being outside in the forest or in the blooming garden it's better to use natural materials such as wood, rattan and leather in the room decoration as a reminder of calmness and appeasement. New technologies don't stop to please us with the gadgets: modern TV, computer and audio systems. Nobody can imagine the living room without these devices. Living rooms might be large or small, dark or light, in English, Oriental, classic or modern style. Whatever it is you should put your heart and soul in its design.