We spend a great amount of time at work, so comfort in the office is really important. That is why a felicitous design is an effective tool for increasing productivity within the team; besides creative design comes in handy for generating unusual business ideas. It's also 8 hours of good mood for employees. Moreover it's good for your health thanks to low noise level, proper lightning and equipment.

As you know color possesses psychotropic impact on the human that's why you need to use it for revitalization. So the shades of grey and blue are good for both men and women; they maintain a peaceful working atmosphere and business harmony. Light yellow improves brain activity and urges to work. However there are some colors that influence badly on working process. They are red which might cause aggression and excessive excitability, and purple alongside black – they are able to cause deep depression. You should keep in mind that wall color is responsible for lightning efficiency, for example white color reflects about 80% of light while black - only 5%; hence if you have light – colored walls in the office you can reduce eye strain and energy costs.

Today classic styles in office design are as popular as modern ones. Classic style is usually chosen to highlight the company status and respectability as austere elegance and furniture made of fine wood indicate high financial position of the company. But young dynamic companies choose creative design, modern styles and give preference to gadgets. Furniture they use is characterized by stylish look, comfort, versatility and practicality. It's mostly made from plastic, glass and chrome metal. However office design in fusion style as well as in eclectic style is really catching on. In this case you don't need to follow the rules strictly as these styles offer you to mix different tendencies and trends, which make them really attractive. Whatever the style of office design is the lightning is the key to success. It depends on the office location and the number of windows in the room. Lightning should be fixed on the basis of logical necessity: central chandelier, spot lights on the perimeter and table lamps at the working place.

Office furniture should satisfy company's premises. It might be of different colors, but it must be really convenient. So skeletal chairs in the office are considered disrespect to customers and staff. It's better to supply office with comfortable chairs with high back and convenient armrests. Big bulgy leather sofas are out of fashion; the structure, frame and cushions of the modern office sofas should be rather hard. Although term “office furniture” includes an incredible number of things such as file cabinets, office storages, bookcases, worktables, desks, computer tables, chairs, armchairs, client seating etc. it doesn't mean you must clutter your office with all this stuff.

All in all minimum of furniture, maximum comfort, compliance with design of the office will be an excellent kick off for instant growth of popularity and respect among customers and rivals.