Life is getting harder and more stressful for residents of huge metropolises, so more and more often people try to escape the concrete jungles and be closer to nature. However they still want to feel comfort and have all modern conveniences. So you can turn your outdoors into a masterpiece of landscape design choosing one of the trendiest styles.

The Mediterranean style: it's always cozy and soulfully - shady patios, refreshing fountains, paving with bright terracotta tile and huge flowerpots. Formal style embodies human's desire to turn the chaos of environment into more comfortable order. That is why you can witness strict geometry in lines and shapes, clear color version and a perfect combination of greenery and architecture. If you choose the landscape style then location and color spectrum of plants must be natural and create smooth lines. However style is not the only challenge you'll face while making earthly paradise. Paths and trails are really important in landscape design as they not only connect the house with different zones of the outdoor area but they also highlight flowerbeds, sculptures and other decorative objects. When it comes to paths we have quite unlimited choice: wooden, stone, concrete, pebbled, etc. but you should keep in mind that they have to fit the general design. Concrete paths are considered the most practical as they can resist severe frosts and you hardly ever see them wear and tear. Besides they are easy to work with. Stone paths surely are the best option as they look much more natural among lawns, flowers, trees and bushes than trails made of any other materials. However you might pay top dollar for stone paths and they are rather tricky to work with. Pebbles are the simplest and the cheapest material for paving, but it is not suitable for every garden. Mulch is another unique material for building paths, it looks like gravel and might be of many different colors. However it doesn't put up with rainy weather.

Can't imagine your outdoors without an arbor? You're absolutely right. Arbor has been the most popular place and the most attractive decoration in the garden for a few centuries. That's because it gives you a shelter from the burning hot sun or drizzling rain; here you can find solitude and read a book or work a bit; or maybe invite the whole family or a bunch of friends for a delicious dinner. Any activity is getting better when the birds are chirping and the air is full of aroma.

If you own quite a big private space you can create decorative ponds, waterfalls and fountains, which will please your eyes as well as help to fill the atmosphere with water vapor. Pay attention to small architectural forms. By the way the history of small architectural forms comes back to the times of Renaissance when plenty of people from gardeners to the famous sculptor and architects worked on the creation of Italian park ensembles. As we speak about garden sculptures we should remember the gold rule of their placing: they must not be clustered and seen all together, every one of them must have its own position. But don't worry because you can easily replace the sculptures when in need, as mobility is their main advantage.

The last but not least is lightning. If you install proper lightning you'll be able to create stunning effects backlighting fountains, sculptures, paths and lawns. In the evening it makes the atmosphere really pleasant and marvelous. However you should note the power of lamps. Today you can use solar - powered and wind Ė powered laps alongside the electric ones. Generally speaking anything's possible, just be creative and inspired and your dream will definitely come true.