To be honest it's impossible to overestimate the significance of storage as appliances, seasonal items (skis, sled, bike, scooter), clothing and tools can be kept here. But if you don't want to turn your storage into a dump full of trash you should think carefully about design, lightning and ventilation.

For walls and ceiling decoration it's better to choose durable materials. Plastic panels will be the best option. Another one is drywall sheets for painting. As for floor cover you should pick non slippery materials such as laminate or linoleum. As a rule in such rooms there are no windows, so the source of light must be really powerful. Perhaps one light in the centre of the ceiling or closer to the door will be enough or maybe it's better to install swiveling spotlights. It's crucially important to set a quality ventilation system up in order to avoid dampness and musty smell of mold.

You might use lots of storage systems made of different modules: shelving, clothes hooks, hangers or crossbars, sliding drawers, racks or pockets on the door. The main task is to make every centimeter of the room to work. For mops, hoovers, skis and other high things you'll need a special narrow niche. Old albums and books will be safe in cabinets or boxes as they will be protected from dust. Sturdy shelves will be perfect for heavy objects and tools storage.

Nowadays there are many interesting ideas of storage room transformations. The most popular one is to turn your storage room into the wardrobe. Clothes are on the hangers in perfect order, the seasonal stuff is on the upper shelves, footwear is fixed on special stands. A mirror and ironing board come in handy. Quite unusual idea is to make your storage room a study. All you need is a computer desk, an arm chair and a few shelves for papers. It's a perfect way to retire and work quietly. A home library is a brilliant idea as a storage room is just a perfect place for keeping books. However you'll need to set book shelves or bookcases up and put a comfortable armchair. By the way you can easily store documents, home archive and old albums in such cabinets. How about a mini workshop? It can be a little carpentry or sewing room.

So if desired you can turn your storage room into a masterpiece. You will be looking at your creation with joy and pride.