Wall decor

There is no house without walls, so if we have walls we just need to decorate them. I hope you'll agree that bare walls are so dull and boring. Since people have built houses for many centuries we have a huge collection of wonderful wall décor ideas. Moreover this variety gives you a lot of space for carrying out your aesthetic tastes. Decorating walls with nice textile and fabrics is a very easy and convenient way to change the appearance of your accommodation. For this purpose you might use cotton, linen, sacking or even silk. This kind of decor will help you to create the atmosphere of comfort and sophistication in the house, besides it keeps warmth and has a sound absorbing effect. However decorating walls with wood is also a very nice solution from both aesthetic and practical points of view. As you know wood possesses a number of useful features: thermal insulation, regulation of humidity, it's ecologically friendly and welcoming and is able to make your room look stunning.

Painted walls have been catching on recently. It's not surprising as you can change the color of the walls any moment you want, moreover it' doesn't cost you an arm and leg and the range of modern paints is just incredible in both colors and types. You can also apply different paint effects. But still the trendiest way of wall décor is applying lines and other geometrical patterns of different sizes and colors. If you have neither time no desire for reconstruction and redoing just use furniture as a decoration. Various shelves, niches, wall hung cupboards, stands will come in handy, as you can combine them and arrange in interesting geometric figures on the walls. You can decorate the walls with porcelain plates (they might be of different shapes and diameter). You can hang them in a random order or equidistantly. By the way you can make photos of your family or your favorite destinations on the plates; they will look gorgeous hanging on the wall like your own tiny gallery. As we speak about photos they are still in trend for wall décor. It's really important to have high quality shots if you want them to look remarkably on your wall.

It's not necessary to buy decorations, you can easily make them yourself for example you can use embroidery as a wall décor. You may ask why handmade is so popular today. On one hand they're unique on the other hand they make you feel positive.

One of the best ways to decorate walls is to apply vinyl stickers or wall decals butterflies, birds, cats, plants the choice is really impressive. The art of graffiti is like wall decals, but in this case the pattern is applied with help of special paints on a pre established cliché. If you use fluorescent sprays then the pattern can become an element of lightning design. You can try to decorate walls with special vases and ornamental flowerpots. Such a décor is universal as it fits any style of interior moreover there's more of a wow factor when you walk in.

It's really tricky to make a complete list of wall décor methods, as each of them has its own highlight. So it's better not to be afraid and make your walls be not only the base of your home but its main attraction as well.